Terms of Services between User and Website

(I) Terms

The agreement between the user and the website. Referring to the agreement established between the user and the website [www.house-dd.com] both sides. When users register and agree to the terms and then press the button. This agreement is binding between the user and the website (www.house-dd.com) sides immediately.

(II) Changes to these terms and conditions

The Company maintains a website reserves the right to change, modify, add or remove data in the future. The Company has the right to amend this Agreement at any time. When the changes to resolve the company will be announced via the website to the general. If the user has access to the site. It assumes the consent agreement then.

(III) The content of service.

The company will provide users with information about real estate via the Internet and mobile phones. (Hereinafter referred to as the "Services") to increase or add new functions to work in the days ahead is considered appropriate to use this agreement. Unless explicitly declared ineligible.

(IV) The certification criteria.

1. Users guarantee that the information provided is accurate and complete, not false, fraudulent and defamatory others. Ensure that all legitimate. No abusive, threatening, obscene or pornographic and other information that violates laws and morals or social ethics. And to ensure that no viruses

That makes computer software and computer damage.

2. Information received from the user is entitled to a complete and independent. Or is entitled to receive a license legally. Users that Information on the Company Does not infringe the rights of third parties. Or violation of the agreement between the user and the third party.

3. For registration applications or use the information and services as the individual needs of the user. Users can not copy the information on the website. For sale or exchange for profit or commercial activities and states. Users simply use the information to yourself or to purchase or rent such services.

4. If a user violates the first paragraph of Article 4, paragraph 3, or by the Company believes that the violation of this agreement. The company has the right to suspend or terminate service to users of such sites. If users do not agree. Can provide the necessary evidence in opposition. When damage up The Company is not responsible for any company.

5. For information that users provide. The company will be given legal protection Thailand.

6. Information that users provide to the company. A free information and allows the company. Published by Global

(V) Use of the WebsSite

1. Users should obey of the Thai law and this agreement.

2. Users should not to do the following;

(1) Upload, post or Sending E-mail is illegal, danger, rude, adult, threatened, violate, infringe on a person’s right, privacy of others, including but not limited. Such as information, messages, software, music, photos, graphics or other information.

(2) The harm minors in any way.

(3) Impersonate any person or entity or by other means of lying. To understand how it relates to other people or organizations.

(4) The fraudulent use or destination other states. The cause of the misconception that it is the content of the company's submission.

(5) Upload, post, email or otherwise transmit content that is not authorized by the company, such as inside information, that information is confidential.

(6) Upload, post, email or otherwise transmit any Content that infringes the rights of others. trademark rights Trade secrets and more.

(7) Upload, post, email, promotional materials, junk mail and other than posting ads site.

(8) Upload, post, email, transmit virus software. Data or computer software that will make any damage.

(9) Interfere or disrupt networks connected to the servers and services or renege on an agreement.

(10) Intentionally or unintentionally violate any other law or other regulations of Thailand.

(11) Other improper behavior.

3. When a user violates this agreement. The company has the rights to use, change or use all necessary measures (including but not limited to remove content that users upload. Suspend or revoke the rights of the users of this site) to reduce the impact occurred.

VI. Intellectual property rights.

1. Users do not have rights to trademarks, logos, domain names of any website. (Hereinafter referred to as the Company ID) This Agreement does not confer rights on trademarks, logos, domain names of any website to users before they receive the written consent of the Company. The user ID can not be used in the company's advertising or promotion of any form.

2. The information, text, graphics, and other contents of the site are protected by copyright. Intellectual property laws and other laws. associated Before the written consent of the Company. Or ownership rights Users can not use them for advertising or promoting commercial Valley has it all.

3. Upon receipt of the written consent of the Company. Or ownership rights Users may copy or distribute. However, the user must ensure that the content to copy and distribute the complete and true.

(VII) Account, password and security.

When the registration is complete, it will become a legitimate user. Users are responsible for maintaining the security of your password and account. Users are fully responsible for the use of passwords and user accounts. Losses or damage it. Due to the security of the password and account, the company will not be responsible in any way.

(VIII) Limitation of Liability

1. Due to this technology and Internet properties. Although the Company Most tries But can not guarantee that The service allows users to continuously and accurately. When the defects will be corrected timely. And the server is not a virus or hacker attacks. So the company Are not guarantees of satisfactory quality. content complete No infringement and more

2. The Company reserves the right to modify, add - data reduction or cancellation of service. (Suspension or termination In whole or in part) to the notice. But does not require the consent of the user. And is not responsible for any

3. The company will provide accurate information. Image may have differences with the actual conditions. Image is for reference only. Users must be based on actual conditions prevail.

4. When the website server maintenance or upgrades. The company is required to suspend the service temporarily. The Company Will notice If you have lost data due to upgrades or maintenance, the company will try to restore it. If one fails to restore the data back to the company will not take any responsibility.

5. For information or to publish on the site. Including but not limited to information on the case was not authorized by the rights holder, an error, or a virus, and more. The law prohibits the User is responsible for loss or any other party. The Company does not undertake any responsibility.

6. For any legal action between the user and the third party. By linking external sites. Including but not limited to Transaction with any third party. User and the third party will be responsible for all. The Company does not undertake any responsibility. For information, links from external sites. The Company does not guarantee its accuracy. And is not responsible for any

7. Users acknowledge and agree that the Company has made. The service provides users with free admission. For damages that may result from the use of this website. Including but not limited to Due to the delays, inaccuracies or content errors. The company and its related affiliates are not responsible in any way.

(IX) Reparation

When there is a claim, cost or compensation for damages to the company caused by website users is a breach of this Agreement. Users must defray the cost to the company or its related affiliates (including without limitation attorney and consultant fees), and the user should protect the company or network related. To avoid damage to the Company.

(X) Notification

The company issued a notice to the user. E-mail Billboard website Mail or proper form.

(XI)  Jurisdiction and Application of Law.

Interpretation and implementation of this agreement are applicable legal Thailand. The contents hereof are not consistent with the laws of Thailand. Thailand is a major need for the law. When the company with users with any dispute occur. Both sides have discussed before. When negotiations failed to implement the laws.