Terms of Service Homes for sale

"HOUSE-DD" service brokers. (Hereinafter referred to as service providers) as the Company's  Asia United  Development  Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Company), The software system (Hereinafter referred to as the system) and (or) comes with a feature that aims to serve as an intermediate agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) was signed between the reader and the company.

 (I)The descriptions obligations.

A.     This Agreement will combine with your right or obligation between the requirements and the company may have terms of the exclusion or limitation of liability. Before you sign up as a member of the "HOUSE-DD" You must read and understand all the details and accept the terms and conditions When you use the Service, you agree to abide by the terms of this.

B.     Do you agree that, The Company reserves the right to carry out changes to the agreement unilaterally and a notice on its website. www.house-dd.com without prior notice. If you continue after the announcement of changes to the agreement. To use this service, you are deemed to have read online and accept the agreement improved. If you do not agree with the modifications to that agreement. You can stop using the service immediately.

C.     If you consent and agree to these terms. Once registered with the "HOUSE-DD" must be aged at least 16 years old, this agreement does not exclude the laws of your country. If the above is disqualified must terminate the registration or stop using the service immediately.

(II): Definitions and Interpretations.

A.     Trademark or logo "HOUSE-DD": Asia United Development Co., Ltd. and other subsidiaries registered providers involved.

B.     Website www.house-dd.com. Users can log on to register directly. Including sites on mobile phones and mobile clients may have in the future.

C.     The appointments means customers can request an appointments to visit the property's website " HOUSE-DD "or other mobile devices with ease.

(III): Content of Services

A.     Real estate services: Customers can use the service through the site "HOUSE-DD" or through a mobile device" HOUSE-DD "to get information to buy or sell property and marketing of real estate in its entirety.

B.     Visit the Property  Services: Customers can use the service through the website"HOUSE-DD" or through a mobile device" HOUSE-DD "Date and Time to make an appointment  with the property owner. On a visit to the property as required.

C.     A survey on the rights of property: Land Survey Department, The source and the status quo ask the owners of assets ,A mortgage and loan commitments or not, Scrutiny of documents and so on.

D.     The current survey: data collection environments. Lifetime And expense accrual related facilities.

E.      Terms of Purchase: the appointment department to purchase departments will need to discuss an agreement to sell the shares. The assets will be used to purchase and sale contract documents testify intermediaries. To describe the conditions and precautions of the purchase and sale agreement of both parties.

F.      Property transfers: transfer of ownership documents of both parties. Collection of taxes and fees to transfer your assets completely.

(IV) Regulation of services.

A. Website "(HOUSE-DD" or mobile device "HOUSE-DD" Photos shown may depending on actual conditions. Photos are shown for reference only.

B. Users have access to information assets deposited with us at any time.

C. The company will provide real information about the contract. Not intentionally give false information to the user. And concealing important facts Causing damage to the interests of users.

D. Once the parties have signed a purchase and sales agreement to buy and sell. Considered Trading Company Fully Customers must pay a fee to the company. The fee depends on the agreement of purchase and sale. For customers with information via the website, "HOUSE-DD"or mobile device "HOUSE-DD "then. Customers must sign a contract only through the company traded only two parties themselves.

(V) Limits the services.

A.     The company is committed to the principles and the operator. Can’t  be assigned to a third party to do so.

B.     Users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of information related to the Company. Prior to receiving the written consent of the Company. And users have no right to disclose such information. Copy for sale Or used for commercial purposes of any kind.

(VI) Privacy Policy

A.     Emphasizes the privacy of users of the company's consistent policy. Prior to approval, the company will not disclose the personal information of users who deposited. Unless the following conditions:

-        The relevant legal provisions and the company.

-        Maintain ownership of Trademarks Company Legitimate rights and interests more.

-        In an emergency, to protect the privacy and safety of the general public.

-        Can reveal personal information users provide to affiliates and partners of the company. And other events The need to disclose personal information of its users.

B.     Also including, but not limited to, the Company reserves the right to use your personal information.

-        During the promotion, marketing. Companies may need to share your personal information with sponsors in this case, the company will send information to notify users in advance. If the user does not consent to cancel the service.

-        The Company will disclose the overall statistics to prospective partners or advertisers. And a third note. Description of services of the Company. The legalization

-        The Company can give user information to third parties to access the information put together.

-        When information or any additional interest, the company will send this information to the user. If users do not wish to receive further information. Please keep the information private. Or notify the company at any time.

C.     In addition, the company will take measures to protect the data of users. But the company can’t guarantee the security of any personal information. You are liable for all risk, such as  when a user's online information, Users can get the information without the consent of the user. Partners of the Company or of any third party sites that are accessible via the Company. By promoting other marketing. That can gather personal information about users. For the behavior of users and third parties. The Company is not responsible for any.

(VII) The applicable law jurisdictions.

The effectiveness of this agreement It describes the implementation and enforcement of the legal dispute Thailand. When there are no laws Is carried out according to international business together and (or) method of operation under general. Disputes arising from this agreement will be carried out by Thailand. And the domicile of the defendant The court has the authority concerned.